What’s Your Next Step?

Because we’re all unique and at different places in our personal and professional evolution, in order to take the next step, we can benefit from working with a seasoned mentor who can guide us. For many, it is revolutionary and very relieving to have the deep support and understanding that mentorship provides. Mentorship works in relation to our very specific needs, questions, and can unleash our inner potential.

You may want to have Kevin as your mentor if you:

  • Want help with integrating and advancing your yoga teaching
  • Desire to improve your skills and efficacy as a yoga therapist
  • Want the ongoing guidance of a master teacher and yoga therapist to create and maintain a home practice made just for you.

If this piques your interest, you’re invited to consider the following:

  • Have you done yoga teacher training and are still trying to figure out how to teach? Would you like help with that?
  • Would you like to know more about the Art of Sequencing?
  • Do you have holes in your yoga knowledge that you would like to fill in?
  • Do you yearn to really know about prāṇāyāma and how it is a bridge between āsana and meditation?
  • Do you feel confident creating practices that artfully and effectively weave all the tools of yoga together to support meditation?
  • Would you like guidance with working with people one-on-one?
  • Has your own yoga practice stalled? Do you yearn for inspiration?
  • Is your personal home practice supporting you and feeding your teaching?
  • Have you wondered what it would be like to have a teacher who really knows you and cares for you? What kind of a personal practice would come out of that relationship?

Mentoring is an essential aspect of yoga study and training. Though in recent times it has largely been lost, it remains an integral part of traditional yoga. Hailed as a master teacher by many, Kevin is a mentor to many yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and dedicated students.

Feel welcome to contact Kevin to learn more and to take your next step on this amazing path of authentic yoga.

“Thank you for your insight and wisdom today. You provide guidance with kind heartedness that grounds me with comfort yet inspires me with confidence to get moving.”
– Michelle Harding, Yoga Therapist & Teacher