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1st Monday of Every Month


The Breathing Place
Olivet Congregational Church
1850 Iglehart Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

*If you have financial hardship,
Pay What You Can


Meditative Yoga
Drop in class – $20
10 class card – $180
With discounted Private Yoga Session – $245


Monthly Mantra Chanting


Special Offer!

When you purchase a 10 class card, consider adding a one-on-one private yoga session at the special rate of $65, which is $25 off the regular rate of $90 for an hour private.



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Meditative Yoga
Mondays 11am-12, In Person
Experience beautiful breath-centered movements that promote flexibility, strength, and balance.  These create a meditative atmosphere which leads into relaxation, seated breathing, and simple meditation, sometimes including mantra. Open to all!


Monthly Mantra Chanting
1st Monday of Every Month 12:15-12:45, In Person
Enjoy the uplifting practice of chanting simple mantra. On the 1st Monday of every month, we’ll gather together after the yoga class (or come for this class only) and learn the mantras through the time honored approach of listen and repeat, or call and response.  Many of the mantras will be in Sanskrit, some in English. The sounds lead us into the inner silence of meditation. All are welcome; no experience needed.






The Power Of Breath
10-11am CT / 11am ET / 8am PT




Pay What You Can Honor System.
Requested fee $18.

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Open your zoom app or go to
Meeting ID: 801 108 9999
Password: kevin (use lower case only)

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Authentically connect to grace and power through the breath. Kevin’s teaching is noted for allowing periods of time to move at the pace of your own breath and body. Linking mind and body through breath helps avoid injury and leads you into Yoga’s deeper aspects, including prāṇāyāma, meditation, and mantra. Experience an integrated practice that revivifies the body, calms the mind, and leads you to a tranquil heart and the inner stillness we all long for. You will be verbally guided through this class.

“I love it. I really resonate with this class; it has all of what I’ve been looking for in yoga, especially the connection to breath. I leave feeling happy.”
– Val Salley


“After Kevin’s classes, I feel so loving.  That’s why I keep coming back.”
– Marjorie Huebner
Rosen Method Bodyworker & Movement Teacher


“Thanks Kevin. It was so much fun to be in your class yesterday.  You are a master at crafting beautifully themed classes.”
– Steph Narveson
Yoga Teacher, Exercise Specialist, RN








“It is always a very relaxing and intensely focused body experience. I love how the whole evening and all the movements are connected to the breath.
See you next week!”  

– Mike Fricke, PT


“I feel good after your classes. I feel like my core is getting stronger and I certainly feel more calm and emotionally balanced and steady after your class. Thank you for the skilled focus and gentle corrections and encouragement.”
– Lewis Dees






A 10-week Series Sept 19 – Nov 21

Single Classes by permission only,
Contact Kevin ahead of time. 



*Special Offer!*
When you purchase a class series, consider adding a one-on-one private session at the special rate of $65, which is $25 off the regular rate of $90 for an hour private.


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This class is Made For Men like you who want to:

  • grow stronger
  • be more flexible
  • increase your balance
  • connect with other men
  • have peace of mind
  • de-stress
  • relax


“The yoga was a fantastic feeling. I was totally blissed out.”
– MJ


These breath-centered classes capitalize on your strengths and focus on increasing flexibility in a way that is effective, safe, and enjoyable. The classes are taught so that men of all levels of experience, ranging from total beginners to long-time practitioners, will find the class to be challenging and rewarding. Kevin has been teaching Yoga for almost 30 years and has created classes, workshops and retreats for men’s groups, as well as individualized home practices that specifically address a man’s unique needs and goals.  Fundamental to Kevin’s approach is a deep respect for diversity and individuality – honoring how each person is different.  These classes incorporate breath-based postures & posture-flows, breathing exercises, relaxation, and simple meditation.

All men are welcome!


“Thank you for a WONDERFUL class last night and for the instruction. I thought that was one of the best yoga classes I have ever been to. It was fun and challenging and I felt like I got a nice workout. Loved it! The class really does make a difference in my life right now, so I’m very happy to be there… a blessing is a really good word for it!”
– Rob


“You are very precise, well-paced, well-thought-out, and kind in your explanations of postures. I really, really like your teaching style.”
– Paul



Elevator or Stairs


To Make Payment:
*Special Offer!*
*When you purchase a class series, consider adding a one one one private session at the special rate of $60, which is 1/3 off the regular rate of $90 for an hour private.
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A Note About Arrival Time –
Guys, please plan on arriving 15 mins ahead of time for every class.
I will have someone there to let you in. At that time the entryway to the building is locked, and there is no intercom or buzzer to let late comers in. Because of this there is no access after 6:30.


What To Bring:
– a yoga mat
– a yoga blanket


What To Wear: 

Comfortable clothing: either loose or stretchable.  You may want to bring layers so that you can add or subtract as needed in terms of your body temperature.


How To Prepare: 
It is best if you refrain from eating for 2 hours before class.  But don’t be crazy about this.  If you find that you haven’t eaten for hours and you feel that you need to eat, low blood sugar, for example, eat something light such as soup or a protein shake, or yogurt, as opposed to something heavy.


Please do not wear cologne to class.


Please consult with your physician before beginning this or any other program.


To learn more or to schedule a One One One Session with Kevin, click here.

“Originally I came to see Kevin one on one because I wanted to learn the basics the right way so I could then go to group classes. I love doing it everyday on my own in the morning. I feel so good when I’m done.”
– Peter Frank




Setting up for your online class

Setting up for your online class

  • Look below for the Pay What You Can Process
  • Set a timer for 15 mins before class begins to allow time to sign in.
  • Set up a yoga mat and any props you would like to use (for example, blankets, a bolster, a chair if you use one.)
  • If possible, set up your camera so that your whole body and mat can be seen in the frame,
    ideally whether seated, standing, or lying down.  If that is not possible, no worries.
  • If you do not wish to be seen, keep your camera off.
  • If you are new to Zoom, see below, Recorded Classes


Online Chant Series
with Kevin Kortan


Tuesdays 2-3pm Central Time
If interested, Contact Kevin



For more information on ways to learn and practice Chanting Mantra
Click Here



NOTE: These classes are recorded, so if you cannot attend some or all of them live you can still take the series on your own schedule.



“Chanting touches something in us that yearns
to be touched,

to be seen,
to be heard;
and allows it to be fulfilled.”
– Kevin Kortan


Relieve and soothe your system through mantra meditation, the conscious repetition of special sounds. ‘man’ is from ‘manas’ the Sanskrit word for mind, and ‘tra’ means tool. Mantra is ‘a tool for the mind’ or ‘that which protects the mind’. The sound, meaning, feeling, and vibration focuses our attention, no more scattered monkey mind.


Experience the inner joy within yourself through mantra meditation. “The mind takes on the characteristics of what it focuses upon.” says my teacher. With so much crisis in the world and a steady media diet of over stimulation, we can be choiceful in what we ingest and change the course of our body-mind state in a supportive direction.


These special sounds lead us back to the source
of silence and peace within ourselves.


No prior experience or knowledge is required.
All Levels Are Welcome in This Series!


Can’t make that time? No worries ~
Recordings are made in case you can’t attend at that time!

To register and pay Click Here.



Optional Private Session with Chanting Series

Each time you join a chanting series, you have the option of adding a private one-on-one chanting session with Kevin to focus on what you are interested in, tailoring your exploration of chanting to you. This private session is optional. When linked with a chanting series you’ve registered for the cost is $40. This is $20 less than the usual rate of $60 for a 45 minute one-on-one chanting session.


Whether you’re new to chanting or experienced, you can use this session to learn the basics or ask questions. This format also allows me to listen to you, giving you personalized attention and feedback with things such as pronunciation, pitch, phrasing, and guidance for how you can use chanting in your home practice.  I listen with great care and compassion not only to your voice, but also to your heart. It’s about learning and enjoying, not performance.

Contact me directly if you want to schedule this optional private session:


*If you wish to take the series and finances are a consideration, there is a sliding scale. Please contact Kevin:


“I look forward to that time of quiet.
Something happens within me when I chant,
and often it’s not so intellectual but just a feeling.”
– Joyce Gudding


“I liked the Vedic Chanting For Healing Series very much. I hear the chant in my head sometimes just randomly. I like the way you teach with such specificity. Your ear is so finely tuned, I appreciate you being able to hear the nuances. This is exactly why I took the classes.”
– Cindy Jamieson



“I love to sing,

It opens my heart.

I have never known a teacher like Kevin so willing to connect to the heart-minds-spirits of students and, to radiate the lineage that he has been following is an added gift. It makes a difference, you can feel it.

In the past years, I have been gifted the opportunity to learn 
Chanting with Kevin. I am grateful to think of how powerful this gift has been for me. Chant elevates me to a place that I am so grateful for. Kevin is patient, kind, understanding, and at the same time, he is serious about his teaching. That is why I am his student. I am serious about learning, and Kevin really knows how to teach. After all, I am singing even though people say I can’t do it. And learning by leaps and bounds.”
– Paula Picard



“Chanting touches something in us that yearns
to be touched,

to be seen,
to be heard;
and allows it to be fulfilled.”
– Kevin Kortan



PAYMENT for these online group classes, (not including special series) whether live or the recordings, will be through the Honor System. I ask people:

  • To pay the requested fee of $18 per class via PayPal, Venmo, or by check.
  • If you are in financial hard times pay what you can or even take the class for free.
  • If you have the capacity, please, consider contributing more to sponsor those who cannot pay.
  • Thank you for your generosity and support!
Recorded Classes

Recorded Classes

If you can’t make an online class live, you can access recordings by clicking here: Class Recordings. Please use the Honor System of payment described above whether you take part live or via the recording. Thank you!

Getting to Know Zoom


Getting to Know Zoom

  • If you have not used Zoom before, watch this Youtube video on how to get started with Zoom on any device.
  • Good News! You can use Zoom on either your computer or your phone. You do not have to pay to download the app for you phone or the software for your computer. Choose the FREE option.
  • When you’re ready to join the class, click on the link, enter the password, and wait for class to begin. It may ask you if you want to Open – click OPEN ZOOM.US and then, press Join with Computer Audio.
  • If you have any trouble connecting, you can go to and click on the blue HELP button in the lower right corner of the screen. If a prompt asks you, enter the meeting number.

Kevin’s classes have a great sense of flow. He paces the class very carefully, presenting the āsana-s in a logical and enjoyable way. Kevin is a dedicated and creative teacher.
– Victoria Anderson, Dancer/Personal Trainer



I find Kevin to be a superior teacher, with excellent knowledge of yoga, how the body works, and how to teach – safely. He has a professional, courteous and gentle approach, and is supportive and caring.
– Marcia Sirota, M.D. Maimonides Medical Center



After Kevin’s classes, I feel so loving. That’s why I keep coming back.
– Marjorie Huebner, Rosen Method Bodyworker & Movement Teacher