At the end of Yoga Nidra, I was ‘in the Zone’ – that delicious relaxation that I sometimes get during a massage. Being guided through Yoga Nidra is the only other experience where I’ve felt that delicious relaxation.” 


Deep Relaxation & Beyond

Online Workshops with Kevin

Every 3rd Friday of the month 7-8:15pm CT – Online

2021 Schedule:
Dec 17


  • Are you feeling tired or tense?
  • Would you like to have more energy, be more relaxed?
  • Would you like to improve your memory and concentration?
  • Would you like to free yourself from emotional reactivity and negativity?


*Price: $25.  
*Please register early, payment must be received at the latest by 5pm CT on the day of the workshop.  
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Yoga Nidra induces deep relaxation throughout your entire body and mind and enables you to eliminate stress and can help resolve personal problems and trauma. It can neutralize anxiety, fear, anger, depression and insomnia. It teaches you how to enter deep meditation, and in its ultimate form, Yoga Nidra helps you be with the mystery of life and such questions as, “Who am I?” and “What is enlightenment?”


Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of yogic meditation. Kevin teaches a modern adaptation of Yoga Nidra, also called iRest®, developed by his main Yoga Nidra teacher, Richard Miller. Yoga Nidra helps you break free of self-limiting patterns, emotions and beliefs so that you may live a contented life, free of conflict, anxiety and suffering. In its ultimate form, Yoga Nidra reveals the secret of enlightenment and introduces you to your True Nature as joyful and radiant Presence.


There are many studies that have proven the efficacy of relaxation and meditation. The great thing about Yoga Nidra is that it eases you into meditation, effortlessly, through the valley of deep relaxation. You find yourself ascending the slopes of meditation without even “trying to meditate”. All this while lying down! It can also be practiced seated or standing, and then throughout one’s daily life.


This practice offers tangible tools to:

  • profoundly relax
  • deeply rejuvenate
  • sleep well
  • improve your digestion, memory, and concentration
  • de-stress
  • support your immune system
  • reduce pain and fatigue
  • improve your flexibility
  • resolve personal problems and trauma
  • neutralize anxiety, fear, anger, depression, and insomnia.
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These workshops begin with some gentle, mindful movements and segue into the practice of Yoga Nidra. As one person said, ‘I finally found a practice that allows me to deeply relax and meditate.’ Come experience it for yourself. To prepare, I would suggest you have the following ready for the workshop: 
  • Your practice space is warm enough.
  • You will not be disturbed during practice.
  • Enough cushioning on the floor for you to lie on your back for 45 minutes or so.
  • A blanket to cover yourself with, if you wish.
  • A blanket to fold to support your head and neck, if you need that to keep your neck neutral.
  • A bolster, or could be a couple of blankets rolled together, to put behind your knees.  Some people like another bolster, possibly a bit smaller, to put underneath your ankles/heels.
I will guide you through using the props. Again, I really look forward to offering this gift, this gem of a practice. Until then, all the best, Kevin

What People Are Saying About Yoga Nidra:

“Wow… did i sleep well after that class… yummmm”


“I’m a busy person, my mind is always active. But after Yoga Nidra my mind was completely clear.”


“In yin and restorative yoga during meditation I am often uncomfortable and I shift my body around a lot. In Yoga Nidra I found that I was completely relaxed; it’s the most relaxed I have ever been in my life.”


“I have a weekly massage that I get so I can relax. After Yoga Nidra I was as relaxed as I am when I get a massage.”


“In the body scan section of Yoga Nidra I felt completely released into the floor, so relaxed. I never sleep entirely through the night, so this is a big gift to me to be able to relax and experience that rest.”


“It’s like when you feel the warmth and glow of stepping into the sun.  Except, with Yoga Nidra, that glow is coming from inside.”


A Journey from
Movement to Stillness,
From Sound to Silence

An Online Chanting Workshop
with Kevin

School of Voice Berlin


Sunday, Dec 12, 2021

10:30am – 12 Central USA
5:30 – 7pm Berlin

Dec Theme: LIGHT


Synthesizing simple sounds and motion creates a powerful moving meditation.  Expand your practice and experience a vinyasa of vibration and motion.  A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase, and means “that which protects the mind”.  It gives the mind a positive focus.  Each mantra has certain sonic qualities that embody meaning as well as feeling.  Every month there will be a theme such as chants for peace, health, light, the heart, the cakra-s.  All are welcome, no previous voice or yoga experience is necessary.  You will experience how:


  • The power of mantra is amplified when linked with breath-centered āsana (postures)
  • Mantra can clear your mind, improve your memory, and balance your mood
  • Mantra In Motion creates new patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving
  • The heart opens when we find our voice – aligning our intention, breath, action, and voice
  • Mantra In Motion naturally leads you to the meditative center of silent stillness


Supports I would suggest you have ready for the workshop: 

  • Your practice space is warm enough.
  • You will not be disturbed during practice; turn off phones.
  • A comfortable way to sit while chanting: a chair or cushion.
  • A yoga mat and/or a firm carpet that doesn’t slip.
  • A blanket to fold to support your head and neck, if you need that to keep your neck neutral when laying on your back.
  • You may wish to have a paper and pen to take notes.
  • Ideally, eat at at least one hour before, if possible.

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Praise for Mantra In Motion: 


“What an amazing workshop! It took me to a place within myself that felt like pure peace, like the authentic me. I feel like something in me has shifted now that I know that’s in there.”
– Erica Doss


“I’m still smiling from your wonderful mantra class, Kevin! Heartfelt thanks for sharing what makes you come alive. The morning bird songs are even sweeter to my ears.”
– Jenna Bratvold


“The free timing chant at the end of the practice was the kind of cacophony that is sweet”
– Student in Mantra In Motion



Chanting & Relaxation


Online with Kevin Kortan


Sunday Dec. 19, 2021

5-6 p.m. Central


You’re invited to an enchanted evening of healing sound, chanting, breath, and deep relaxation. Experience “Mantra Nyāsam” in Yoga Nidrā: the practice of saturating your system with healing mantras to create vibrant health.  All are welcome!


“There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth
Beyond us all
Beyond the heavens
Beyond the highest, the very highest heavens,
This is the light that shines in our heart.”

from the Chāndogya Upaniṣad


Suggested $15, or Pay What You Can, or attend as my guest if you cannot afford to pay.
To Pay, Click Here

To Join:
Open your zoom app or go to
Meeting ID: 801 108 9999
Password: kevin (use lower case only)



“I loved singing ‘this little light of mine’ in the Solstice Celebration.”