About the Octopus

The eight limbs of the octopus are a symbol of the eight limbs of yoga practice, or ashta-anga-yoga, which are part of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. Eight limbs which are part of a whole. The octopus is also a symbol of our inherent fluidity, our potential mutability. In Evolutionary Yoga we explore our changeability within the Ocean of the Changeless.

The octopus moves by the means of central propulsion, with the limbs following. This pulsation from the center out through the limbs and back again symbolizes the many in the one, and the one in the many. By exploring our omni-dimensional selves via a practice that is omni-directional, we begin to know, like the octopus swimming in the vast ocean, we are swimming in Omnipresence.

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