Developmental Movement: The Evolutionary Origins Of Yoga

I have been very influenced by Body-Mind Centering®, the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, especially by her beautiful work in human developmental movement. Evolutionary Yoga™ is based on the evolutionary origins of movement. The development of movement in human beings follows the same progression as the development of movement in the animal kingdom from the one-celled animals through the primates. Ontogeny (human development) and phylogeny (the evolutionary development of animals) clearly show the evolutionary, organic origins of the yoga forms. By viewing yoga asana and pranayama through the lens of developmental movement, one can see where an individual’s development may be inhibited or partial. As adults, we can bring our awareness to these Basic Neurological Patterns while revisiting them experientially. Developmental movement repatterning is a way by which each one of us can establish an integrated movement foundation, thus freeing ourselves from difficulties at a root level. The scientific view that each one of us embodies evolutionary history within ourselves supports the yogic view that we are all one.