How did Evolutionary Yoga begin to develop?

Evolutionary Yoga develops in what I call “the laboratory of the brainbody.”  The primary laboratory has been and continues to be my own brainbody.  My personal practice of movement and stillness is more like an open field than a path.  I am profoundly grateful for the wealth of knowledge and information I’ve drawn from formal study, both of traditional and contemporary disciplines.  But this knowledge means very little unless it resonates from one’s own experience, one’s own explorations, which ultimately no one can teach you.

In conjunction with my personal explorations and formal studies, another vastly important source for the development of Evolutionary Yoga is those with whom I work everyday.  Evolutionary Yoga began as a way to respond to the ever-changing needs of my students and myself.  Though perhaps well-intentioned, so much of what is called “teaching yoga” is really the presentation of what people think yoga “should be”, the “ideal”, with very little actual teaching of how one might get there.  It’s like a monkey swinging in a tree that yells down and says, “Just climb up!”  Hmmm, that's great – but how