Better Balance

  • Are you afraid of falling?

  • Do you have trouble with your balance?

  • Would you like to feel more sure-footed?

Loss of balance is not an inevitable or permanent condition. No matter your age, there are many interesting, fun, helpful ways to improve balance and enjoy moving. Kevin uses techniques from the Feldenkrais Method and Yoga to help you feel more confident and relaxed in your daily life and favorite activities.

The Dynamic Dance of Balance

"Balance is a dynamic process, not a static state. It is not something we have or do not have, or that we get and keep. It is a constant process of renewal and release.

The paradox is that, often, in order to find balance, we must be willing to lose it, at least in small increments. So, we 'practice falling', consciously, deliberately, skillfully. Then, if and when circumstances call for it, we have 'rehearsed' our ability to respond, before the difficult or surprising situation arises."

— Kevin Kortan
     October 24, 2004, Copyright®