Who do you think would be most interested in or benefit most from Evolutionary Yoga?

Evolutionary Yoga is for anyone interested in a process of learning.  Also, anyone engaged in a practice that embraces mindfulness will probably connect with the sensibility of Evolutionary Yoga.  Also, by integrating Yoga Therapy with Somatic Education, such as the Feldenkrais Method, people with special challenges are not “treated” or “fixed”, but rather are invited into an educational process, which can lead to change through self-understanding and increased awareness.  Experienced practitioners who want to refine and deepen their practice will find an unending depth in this work, especially with the Feldenkrais-based work.  These explorations go very deeply and into great detail, often using a posture as a theme or what could be called a macromovement.  The multitude of variations on this theme, using micromovements to understand the macromovement, helps people to break out of habitual ways of practicing the postures, opening possibilities of new patterns not only of movement, but of thought and behavior.  Sometimes people reach a plateau of practice, where their progress seems to be arrested; nothing seems to change.  Often when one realizes that nothing is changing in one’s body it is usually because nothing has changed in one’s practice.  Keeping the same sequence over time, without variation can be deadly.  Although much could be said about continuity and noticing how one’s experience can change within the same practice, ultimately both the body and the brain need to be stimulated in different ways in order to remain attentive, vibrant, and learning.  Variety is the spice of life!