What is Evolutionary Yoga™?

Developed by Kevin Kortan, Evolutionary Yoga is an emergent form of yoga that harmonizes ancient and modern methods. Evolutionary Yoga aligns yogic practices from India, China, and contemporary somatic education that are rooted in the same primal, underlying, and universal principles. By tapping into that which is timeless and essential, an appropriate and powerful practice evolves for each individual. There is a strong emphasis on the interplay between a formal, structured practice and a free-flowing, spontaneous practice, and how these two basic aspects of yoga practice can merge to become one process.

Private lessons are the heart of Evolutionary Yoga.

Evolutionary Yoga is based on universal principles which underlie hatha yoga, qigong, and the field of Somatics, especially the Feldenkrais Method.  Evolutionary Yoga is not a set system but, rather, an on-going process of exploration and discovery.  It is a return to the origins of yoga.  The origins of yoga lie not 5,000 years ago somewhere in India – but here and now within yourself.  Yoga lives now.  It is not a reiteration of the past, but a happening in the now. 

Evolutionary Yoga guides each person in developing a practice that is relevant to his or her own body, mind, and life experience.  Serving a diverse range of people, it is based on adapting yoga to support the uniqueness of each person.  Most importantly, Evolutionary Yoga teaches you to work with yourself by being responsive to the signals of your body in the present.

Some of the various modalities or approaches used in Evolutionary Yoga are Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Posture Flow, Breathing and Sounding, and Meditation: Movement and Stillness, Spontaneous Yoga, and Feldenkrais. Many of these modalities overlap and are integral to each other.



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