What Others Say About Evolutionary Yoga


"Kevin Kortan is ahead of his time"

--Marcy Lindheimer
Director of The Feldenkraisģ Learning Center
Voice Teacher

"I refer patients to Kevin because I know he will approach people with sensitivity, intelligence, and expert guideance. Those whom I have referred to Kevin have been ecstatic about the work he has done with them. Since the beginning of our collaboration, Kevin Kortan has been an indispensible part of my patient care regimens."

-- Scott Gerson, M.D.
Founder, National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

"Kevin Kortan's approach to proper technique, posture and strength through the system of Yoga can go a long way towards the prevention of injury, especially of the back, as well as the onset of osteoarthritis and senile osteoporosis. He brings a seriousness of mission and an intellectual curiosity to his profession."

-- Peter Bullough, M.D.
Professor of Pathology, Cornell University Medical College
Director of Laboratory Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery

"I find Kevin to be a superior teacher, with excellent knowledge of yoga, how the body works, and how to teach -- safely. He has a professional, courteous and gentle approach, and is supportive and caring."

-- Marcia Sirota, M.D.
Maimonides Medical Center

"Kevin Kortan is a thoughful, intelligent, and supportive yoga therapist. Following two knee operations, Kevin helped me recover my strength, flexibility, and balance. He taught me how to create less tension in my body, and how to relax my mind -- to create a state of inner well being. I was particularly impressed with the way Kevin personalized all of our sessions, protecting my knees, while getting my whole body back into shape. Kevin is a gifted yoga teacher, and I can attest to his integrity and generous healing spirit."

-- Carol B. Traynor, Special Assistant to the Office
of the First Lady of the City of New York

"Kevin's classes have a great sense of flow. He paces the class very carefully, presenting the asanas in a logical and enjoyable way. Kevin is a dedicated and creative teacher."

-- Victoria Anderson
Dancer/Personal Trainer

"Kevin has been my yoga teacher for almost three years and have attended his weekly classes regularly and enthusiastically. He is an exceptionally talented teacher, indeed, who manages to bring a sensibility to the practice of yoga that is rare and greatly appreciated. This is evident in how crowded his classes are, with people having to sign up first thing in the morning, hours ahead, to reserve a space -- and this on a Saturday morning when many of us would rather just be "taking it easy." In fact, so popular were his classes, that has expanded his Saturday morning offering to two classes -- and most of us stay for both!!! His giftedness as a teacher can be seen in his ability to reach out to each member of his class with great interest, gentleness, and sensitivity, introducing an aura of peace and comfort that comes from a true acceptance of each person's individuality. He is true to the spirit of yoga. He does not impose a one-for-all standard in any aspect of the class. Rather, he guides you to reach your own place in the larger scheme of things, respecting each individual's inner and outer space. He is a true believer of a basic yoga tenet, that of Ahimsa -- cautioning us that this requires of us not only to refrain from violence against others, but also against our own selves. Within the context of the class, this translates into not mindlessly engaging in asanas or physical movements that in any way cause the individual pain or discomfort. Undoubtedly very knowledgeable about yoga and other approaches to stretching the confines of one's body and mind, he brings a wealth of knowledge to class. Thus, it is not merely a class of physical activity, but of psychological and emotional growth and rejuvenation. We are able, once again, to enjoy the process of learning and growing as adults in Kevin's class, and for that we are all extremely grateful. Our only regret is that we cannot have him teach us with even greater frequency."

-- Gita Brenner, Ph.D.

"Oh, I thought the classes were great! I've incorporated what you've taught me into my daily practice. I take your classes because what you teach is completely out of my normal range of experience. You show me a different way to see how my body works and then you teach me how to move."

-- Annette Homburger
Yoga Teacher

"Kevin ~ I love the impeccability, tenderness and humor you bring to the continuing adventures of being in body. Glad to find you. Thank you for your heart and tenacity, width and depth and curiosity. You are a gem. A living and breathing gem."

-- V. Green

"Kevin Kortan is a master of translation. His classes are delicious syntheses of disciplines which deepen with Kevin's insight and intelligence."

-- Rebecca Frost
embodied artist, somatic educator,
writer, LearningMethods teacher

"I've done a lot of both Authentic Movement and Yoga, and this class really brings them together for me. I find that because of Kevinís approach, Iím able to do postures that I havenít been able to do previously. Itís great! After Kevin's classes, I feel so loving. That's why I keep coming back."

-- Marjorie Huebner
Rosen Method Bodyworker and
Movement Teacher


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